Basics of Tie-Down Straps

The first fall protection system designed for personnel who perform work on pre-cast concrete. Compact and Lightweight Design makes installation, use and removal quick and easy. A pair of these could also be used as anchors for a temporary horizontal lifeline. Structure This anchorage connector is intended to be installed on concrete structures. The anchorage to which the roof anchor is installed must meet minimum strength s as given below for the applications selected: The loads applied to the roof anchor from personal fall arrest systems are magnified by the design of the roof anchor. The Concrete Swiveling Roof Anchor requires anchorages that are able to support GB9 horizontally 2B for fall arrest applications.

Ratchet Straps with Hooks

Tie-down straps are available for a wide range of applications. Light-duty straps secure lightweight items like kayaks, and beefier straps can handle heavy items like cars. The strongest straps are used in the trucking industry. Straps can come with several different kinds of hooks, so you’re sure to find straps that will work with your anchor points.

This allows premium storage of each ratchet inside each Jacket and when in use stays attached to the ratchet strap to contain any excess. No need to tie, tape, or cut the frustrating excess ever again! We use our own products daily and we want you to have that same confidence. Ratchet straps are our specialty and consistent happy customers are what we strive for. No need for other equipment! Built to last for job after job and has lifetime guarantee.

Helps keeps assembly and strap clean in sand, mud, and snow making it ideal for all conditions. Each of our ratchet straps are constructed of one inch webbing with total pound load and pound break capacity for safety. Invest in a tool that will work well again and again.

2018 5m Ratchet Strap with Double J Hook

What is claimed is: A holder for use with an item, comprising: The holder of claim 1 wherein the handle includes a first handle portion, a second handle portion and a third handle portion, the second handle portion not adjacent to the first handle portion, wherein the first handle portion and the second handle portion fasten to the body, wherein the third handle portion is not fastened to the body. The holder of claim 2 further comprising a handle piece, the handle piece including a first handle piece side, the first handle piece side including hooks or loops material or both, the handle piece configured to fasten to the handle.

Automatically Adjusts to various diameters of drum! It is designed to automatically adjust for various diameters through the sliding idler shown in the inset. Alloy cinch chain and hinges Flexible chain cover to help protect the sidewall of your drum Safety-covered gears Durable stress-relief weld joints Web Strap and Ratchet Option The Web Strap has a broad polyester belt that conforms to your drum, and is gentle to the drum finish. To secure the drum, operate ratchet quickly and simply with the large handle for ample leverage.

Use the Web Strap and Ratchet to secure your gallon steel drum. It requires a Top Rim Clamp or Bracket Assembly shown below to securely hold a plastic or fiber drum. Not for use with spark resistant models. Kit SS-P Web strap and stainless steel ratchet for field installation. Bracket Assembly Option To prevent your rimless plastic drum from slipping through the drum holder, you must bolt on the Bracket Assembly.

It adjusts for a drum from 31″ to 39″ tall.

Ratchet Straps

Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information. Today on this Subaru Forester we are going to be installing Draw-Tite hitch part number and this installation will also apply for Hidden Hitch part number The first thing we need to do is lower the exhaust down. There are four main hangers and then there is one forward hanger that we need to lower the exhaust off of.

We are just going to be using a basic ratchet strap to support it. To remove the exhaust off of its hangers we are just going to take a spray lubricant like WD and we just want to spray down the studs of the hanger.

This tie-down has a lb working load limit and lb break strength, and can be permanently mounted to any flat surface. Keeper is the expert and leader in branded products and services people trust to ensure their personal property is reliably secured, transported, and stored. These well engineered products are the most trusted to provide unique, simple solutions for specific everyday needs, offering reliability, security, safety, and ease of use.

We ship within Three business days of payment, usually sooner. Local pickups and combined shipping options are not provided at this time. Return You can return a product for up to 30 days from the date you purchased it. Any product you return must be in the same condition you received it and in the original packaging. Please keep the receipt. Payment We accept payment by any of the following methods: PayPal Please pay as soon as possible after winning an sale, as that will allow us to post your item to you sooner!

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Power-Sports, Marine, Tools, Bicycles, or anything else in the bed of your truck or open bed trailer securely. Set your own private security code. Perfect for camping, locking your toys in your garage, and Many More Uses. Perfect for Trailer Chains.

Web strap ratchet lever hoists are specifically designed for overhead maintenance and construction of energized lines. For many years, web strap pullers have been the choice for linemen throughout the world. Web strap ratchet lever hoists range from 1 to 2 ton capacities. Our newest small frame ratchet lever hoists, the convertible model 30, can quickly go from single to double rigged capacity with no extra parts to misplace.

When the web strap ratchet lever hoist is overloaded, the stress link will break, signaling the operator to back off the load before the fiberglass handle breaks. The exclusive breakable stress link on the web strap ratchet lever hoist puts our reliable web strap operation above the rest! The Overload link has elongated holes that allow enough movement for the Stress Link to snap, while holding the handle socket assembly together, allowing the operator to back off the load.

Positive load holding in ALL environments. Forged steel hooks with latches on web strap ratchet lever hoists. The open frame design also allows for easy inspection and cleaning of your web strap ratchet lever hoists.

Ratchet Straps At Tractor Supply

However, with proper care and minimal effort, a well-made ratchet strap should provide you with a lifetime of dependable use. We suggest the following tips for maintaining the strength and reliability of your tie-down straps for peak performance. Before using any ratchet strap, always inspect the webbing and ratchet handle assembly to make sure they are free of damage.

Keep your tie-down straps out of the sun during storage. Over time, ultraviolet light can make nylon and polyester fibers brittle, causing them to discolor, break down, and potentially lose strength.

JP Van Swae Next to your boat, paddle and safety gear, a good car rack is the most critical item in a paddler’s gear inventory. Don’t skimp here because no matter what you hear about raging rapids and sudden squalls, the most dangerous part of paddling is getting to the put-in. You can’t do anything about those other idiots on the road, but you can make sure your boat stays safe and secure on your roof rack. Brands like Thule, Yakima, Malone and Inno offer basic rack bars and components compatible with almost any vehicle.

The folks at your local paddling shop can help you choose the right rack and necessary installation components. Nylon cam straps are easy to use and don’t slip or stretch. Avoid the hook-and-ratchet straps sold at auto-parts stores. The J-cradle Use with:

How To Use a Ratchet Strap