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Ministarstvo poljoprivrede, sumarstva i vodnoga gospodarstva Ministarstvo mora, turizma, prometa i razvitka Partner projekta: Federacija Bosne i Hercegovine Federalno ministarstvo poljoprivrede, vodoprivrede i sumarstva 3 4 Ruralni prostor Republike Hrvatske, promatramo, ja osobno i Vlada kojoj sam na celu, kao jedno od najveih bogatstava kojima nasa drzava raspolaze i jednako tako se prema njemu i odnosimo. Ruralno podrucje nase zemlje predstavlja ekoloski ocuvano podrucje kakvih ima malo gdje svijetu i stoga ga shvaamo kao vrijednost koju smo dobili u naslijee i koju moramo ocuvati za budue narastaje. Takvo shvaanje ruralnog prostora polaziste je nasih ciljeva poljoprivredne proizvodnje. Poljoprivreda je za nas znatno sira od puke gospodarske djelatnosti i zato ulazemo napore za ocuvanje tih vrijednosti i unaprjeenje uvjeta zivota u ruralnom prostoru. Razvitak ruralnog prostora jest temelj gospodarskog i drustvenog razvitka svake zemlje pa i nase. Iz tog razloga moja je Vlada pokrenula cijeli niz reformi na podrucju poljoprivrede kroz institucionalnozakonodavni, gospodarski i drustveni okvir.

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Njeni roditelji su se razveli kad je Nicole bila beba. Njihov singl iz Ostali singlovi s albuma su: Pjesma “Whatever U Like” feat.

A family name or last name is a type of surname and part of a person’s name indicating the family to which the person belongs. The use of family names is widespread in cultures around the world. Each culture has its own rules as to how these names are applied and used.

Interwar Yugoslavia and the Major National Ideologies One prevalent explanation for the eventual demise of the Yugoslav state is that it never succeeded in constituting itself as a political community, as a nation-state whose identity conceptually and structurally transcended the various nations that it comprised.

While the special function and purpose of the Yugoslav state ideally would have accommodated a large, diverse collectivity of many different ethnic groups, national minorities, and religions, as well as cultural, economic, and linguistic differences, the reality was that each of Yugoslavia’s nations sought to use Yugoslavia to protect its own particular national identity and develop its own idea about statehood. The more obvious reality was that these different conceptions of the Yugoslav state were decidedly asymmetrical: Yet the Yugoslav state itself would eventually be usurped by the largest nation—Serbs—to serve its own national interest.

To be sure, the creation of a Yugoslav nation-state reflected Serbian interests, while Croatian interests and, later, those of the other republics fostered the ideal of a Yugoslav confederation of independent states. The state was dominated by Serbian institutions above all, the Serbian House of Karadjordjevic , including the military, the political leadership, and the civil service. These institutions were mechanically transferred to the new parts of Yugoslavia, even though these old Serbian institutions lacked the integrative potential for a new state that was five times larger than Serbia and that now brought under its dominion fragments of old empires that were arguably more developed than Serbia from a legal, cultural, and economic standpoint.

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What happened in Bosnia is not just genocide, the willful destruction of the essential foundations of one particular community or group of people within a society [ Early history of Bosnia and Herzegovina The Early Slavs , a people from northeastern Europe, settled the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and neighboring regions in the sixth and early seventh century amid the Migration Period , and were composed of small tribal units drawn from a single Slavic confederation known to the Byzantines as the Sclaveni whilst the related Antes , roughly speaking, colonized the eastern portions of the Balkans.

Pg Being a remote and mountainous region, Bosnia appears to have been settled by a smaller number of Slavic colonizers than the region in general and perhaps served as an area of refuge for the indigenous peoples.

Ostvarite poznanstvo, licni kontakt ili upoznaj nove prijatelje. Najbolji sajt na Balkanu. Za sve koji traze druzenje, sex, forum, ljubav, zabavu, oglasi, ona trazi.

However, the defence units were responding by shelling Negoslavci, Trpinja and Djergaj. According to some reports, these points are totally run down and don’t have many residents. They have basically become military strongholds. Bogdanovci residents have had a chance of thinking about surrendering to Marinci military forces. Of course, they refused such an offer and continued their defence until the final liberation of Croatia. The attacks from Negoslavci and Petrova gora towards Mitnica and Vucedol all the way to Borovo, Djergaj, Trpinja and Backa continued from the morning hours.

Once again the hospital was hit that had wounded and 22 freshly wounded patients, although there were many other targets that could have been chosen. This just goes to prove what the Croatia defence forces are facing daily. Behind the cross is an island on the Danube river.

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The water splashes and gurgles its way through the narrow streets in these tiny channels running alongside the pavements. Originally, they were probably built to supply water for everyday use and for putting out fires, or as drainage canals. Today they are a quirky attraction popular with locals and visitors alike and a great way to cool off in the summer. Superstition has it that if a visitor steps in one by accident, this will not be their last visit to Freiburg. Freiburg Minster Built between and , Freiburg’s mighty Minster of Our Lady is regarded by art historians around the world as an architectural masterpiece of the Gothic period and a cultural monument of great importance.

Nicole Prescovia Elikolani Valiente Scherzinger (Honolulu, Havaji, lipnja ) američka je pjevačica, tekstopisac, plesačica, model i a je kao vodeća vokalistica grupe Pussycat te grupe bila je članica grupa Days of the New te Eden’s raspada tih bendova, pridružila se grupi Pussycat Dolls te je postala vodeća vokalistica grupe.

Zdravo[ edit ] Zdravo. Razumijem, ali ja sam jugoslaven: These words have recently come up in some discussions with other people over the Internet, and I was wondering if you would be willing to make these entries so that I can understand what they are saying: Thanks, Razor flame What exactly are you up to? That is what the dictionary says: I’ve come across this word in the same dictionary and want to make sure that it means powder, and if it is a masculine term.

Does that sound right to you? Veliki je kod vas na hr. Instead, he said that all three languages broke away from Serbo-Croatian and gathered in their own mannerisms. He also said that it was a bad idea to “unify” the languages in Serbo-Croatian, as he said that it is no longer used since Keep in mind that he lives there, and that I highly respect him. I just wondered what your thoughts were on this matter.

Prof. dr Volf Ošlis: ”Podjela na srpski i hrvatski jezik je idiotizam”

Sarafoglou, “the son of Sarafis” ; -ou Genitive, from Cyprus. The suffix -idis often transliterated -ides in English and French languages is the oldest in use. Zeus , for example was also referred to as Cronides “son of Cronus “. Hungarian name , Hungarian name order In Hungarian , like Asian languages but unlike most other European ones see French and German above for exceptions , the family name is placed before the given names.

This usage does not apply to non-Hungarian names, for example “Tony Blair” will remain “Tony Blair” when written in Hungarian texts.

They are words on another site that I found (a Croatian dictionary), and I wanted to make sure that they were right. dating back to Proto-Slavic times: Proto-Slavic *melti “to grind, mill vremena da bih dao sve od sebe za Wiktionary. Kada sam ugrabio što slobodnijeg vremena, zeznuli su mi internet ovi iz telekoma pa sam ti ostah bez.

Aangaande die reaksie op die Apostel Paulus se boodskap het hy gepreek om die Beroeans van die eerste-eeuse C. Sit ‘n ander manier, wanneer hulle gehoor Paul se diskoers, “elke dag wat hulle bestudeer die skrifte om te kontroleer of dit waar is. Om nie tevrede met hul aanvanklike emosie-blaarplante aanvaarding van die Apostel se spraak, die Beroeans in diens geneem kritiese denkvaardighede te grawe dieper.

Om die Corinthians Paulus het geskryf: Inderdaad, die Beroeans was van “edele geboorte”, of “van belangrike families. As deel van die aristokrasie, die Beroeans was nie net geletterd wees maar goed opgevoed van jeug, vandaar, “goed geteel.


These are historical events that few generations will experience. The communist ideology and its regimes, for the greater part, have collapsed. They are not falling apart through pressures from the outside; rather, they, themselves, brought on an ideological, economic, societal, and moral blind alley. The system simply could not go on!

Hrvatski institut za povijest Prihvaćeno / Accepted: Gordan Ravančić. godine u Dubrovniku Some reflections upon the impact of the Black Death epidemics in in Dubrovnik Dr. kojoj nisu znali pravi uzrok niti su za nju imali odgovarajući lijek.

The company also delivered extremely high levels of innovation, lighting management and cost efficiency with a unique LED luminaire look that blends perfectly into the existing architecture. Since its extensive refurbishment, this shopping paradise is also one of the first malls in the United Kingdom to feature an LED-only lighting solution so it is also bound to attract fans of integral lighting solutions. We are extremely pleased with the result.

We have lower maintenance costs, and we also have a balance between daylight and artificial light to give optimum energy consumption. Tailor-made customer solutions The clinching factor in Zumtobel winning the contract was the fact that the company was able to present a coordinated concept that embraced both architecture and lighting — and combined this with state-of-the-art standards such as using LED luminaires and lighting management systems.

Intensive discussions between architects, electrical designers and Zumtobel ensured optimum integration into the existing design and made sure that the LED technology inside the luminaires delivers the best possible lighting comfort. The development team met on-site in the United Kingdom several times in order to take a close look at the luminaires. Graeme Nicholls from Gareth Hoskins Architects’ explains: