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With this in mind, since I myself have carefully investigated everything from the beginning, I too decided to write an orderly account for you, most excellent Theophilus, so that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught. In fact, many Biblical scholars often refer to these two texts as a single unit: Sir William Ramsey determined that Luke recorded 32 countries, 54 cities, and 9 islands without committing a single error. It is clear that the author was successful in providing an accurate and detailed description of the life of Jesus and the start of the Christian church. Understanding when the book of Acts was written allows us to determine when many other New Testament books were composed. Unfortunately, Biblical writings do not always contain clear chronological markers, and there is a range of opinion on when Acts was written.

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King Darius of Persia had given permission to rebuild the second Holy Temple, and Zechariah rebuked the people for not quickly taking the opportunity to do so. Awake, awake, utter a song, for the glory of God is revealed upon you Siddur. An inspiring call to arousal is repeated no less than five times in this liturgical verse. The reason is that merely arousing people to action once may not suffice to bring them out of lethargy. A person whose sleep is disturbed by his alarm clock may simply shut off the alarm and return to sleep.

Just as people often resist being awakened from physical sleep, they are much more resistant being awakened from spiritual sleep.

Sermons. Listen to sermons on our podcast here. Current Series The First Book of Peter Show Hospitality: The Powerful Vulnerability of Welcoming the Stranger In the Wilderness: The Book of Numbers Guest Speakers. Sometimes we have guest speakers to bless us with a word. If you’re looking for a change in pace, this series is an excellent.

After that came the second dispensation, Conscience. This went from the time of being expelled from the garden until the time of the Flood of Noah. And the third was Government, which went from the time after the Flood right up until where we are now. The fourth dispensation is a time of promise to the sons of God.

From Seth, one son has been selected from each of the subsequent generations — all the way down to Abraham. And now, throughout this Dispensation of Promise, we will see God validate a covenant that He made to Abraham in his son Isaac and then in his son Jacob, who is Israel. What kind of a God do we serve? Does he promise and then renege? Or is God the faithful and covenant keeping God who truly is unchanging, all knowing, and the sovereign ruler of the universe?

We had better hope for the second option, or our faith is in vain! Divine Directions 1 Now the Lord had said to Abram: This is known as the call of Abraham and it actually occurred when he was living in Ur by the EuphratesRiver and so goes back to that time. We know this because Stephen confirms it in Acts chapter 7. And from there, when his father was dead, He moved him to this land in which you now dwell.

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Founder of Mend, the app that helps you through a breakup. The 10 Most Intimate Podcasts About Love and Sex Podcasts are the perfect place to talk about love because they feel intimate, and these podcasts are the most intimate of intimate. In very different ways, these hosts dive into the depths of their own love lives, guests answer the questions you always want to ask but never do , and no stone is left unturned.

Besides a really good ’90s song, of course. Podcasts are the perfect place to talk about love because they feel intimate, and these podcasts are the most intimate of intimate.

Walk in the Word is the radio and TV ministry airing around worldwide. James MacDonald is founder and Senior Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago.

Today I was digging around their website when I discovered they have started making their sermons available online! There are currently only two videos available, but more will be added from this point forward. I haven’t heard anything on whether they will be adding in past sermons or not. I have also not seen anything on a Vodcast by Eagle Brook Church, but since they only recently added a Podcast I’ll give them a bit of time to get everything worked out before I inquire on this.

The first two sermons on video are: Speaking Pastor Jason Anderson uses an example from his own life about how he and his wife the talented Amy Anderson and children first came to Eagle Brook Church. The sermon is part of a series called “God’s Amazing Church” where they are really hitting hard the questions of Why does Eagle Brook Church exist and Why do they do the things they do the way they do. Amazing Relevance is about why they place such a priority on being a relevant church.

That doesn’t mean a sold out church, or a church that is controlled by culture, but one that is informed and wisely uses the surrounding culture and one that ties church into every day life.


I broke down today. Thank you ,” Bieber tweeted Sunday night, adding a smiley face. The award-winning recording artist also uploaded a photo of himself and Pastor Lentz to his Instagram account that same evening, writing, “Love you bro” as the caption. Bieber has long been open about his Christian faith, and previously referred to The City Church’s Judah Smith as his “pastor.

Bieber, known for his flashy pompadour and edgy attire, surprised admirers with a tamer hairstyle and toned-down outfit. Before hitting up Fashion Week Sunday night, however, it seems Bieber made time to worship with the Hillsong NYC congregation at their Irving Plaza location, which doubles as a concert venue on other days.

Diana Hagee is the wife of Pastor John Hagee, founder and Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas. She coordinates all special events for Hagee Ministries, Cornerstone Church, Cornerstone Christian Schools, and Christians United for Israel.

Not bearing false witness. Not coveting the things of your neighbor. The first four commandments have to do with our relationship with God, and the remaining six commandments have to do with our relationship with others. So, Jesus sums it up — love God, love your neighbor. But, as you can imagine, that is not what the Biblical writers had in mind.

They say love as a verb, not a noun. Loving God meant worshipping the One, True God — not hedging your bet by making idols to the sun god, and the moon god, and the god of the harvest, and worshipping those, too. Not speaking it lightly, or profanely, or invoking it to bring down curses upon someone or something. To take time out of the endless difficulty of eeking out a living to acknowledge the God of creation and to worship him.

Loving God also meant that you loved your neighbor, which meant anybody around. Jesus clarified that with the story of the Good Samaritan. So, you loved God by loving your neighbor.

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Back to top Words of Wisdom Our Lord needs from us neither great deeds nor profound thoughts. Neither intelligence nor talents. Therese of Lisieux “Even if the sins of soul are dark as night, when the sinner turns to My mercy he gives me the greatest praise and is the glory of my passion. When a soul praises My goodness, satan trembles before it and flees to the very bottom of hell.

Faustina Kowalska “One day I saw two roads.

~ tones of podcast sermons and other great great ministries in here. Articles, Books, sermons and lot more. (Joyce Meyer, Rick Warren, Max Lucado, John piper and .

People gave in some extra time doing their hair in the morning, they came in with their notepads waiting for abouna Anthony to give suggestions or maybe list some names or something like that. So the whole idea of courtship and dating from a Godly perspective and see what it is that God wants from us and what God expects of us. That’s ok too because we’re going to cover the broad spectrum of topics when it comes to this. But like I said, we’ll try to see things from a Godly perspective.

One time I was giving a talk about marriage and I was saying… you know when you go to the hardware store or the toy store or something like that and you buy stuff? Marriage is not intuitive, marriage is not easy. Marriage is not a natural thing that you can be good at just randomly or by accident. The only way to have a good marriage and with all relationships, but especially in marriage is that there is a lot of assembly that goes in and a lot of work that goes into it.

The work and assembly that goes into a good, God-pleasing marriage and satisfying marriage starts much much earlier, even as early as dating and courtship. That thing will come back to bite you in the end.

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Such a milestone should be marked with an epic episode. You ask the questions, I offer them to Pastor John, and he answers them. We get a lot of questions about relationships, dating, marriage, and of course sex. And that leads to episodes that may not be suitable for all listeners and are really designed to be listened to by married couples. Such is the case today.

One day I was thinking about the fact that the only way I know what I look like is because I see myself in the mirror. Someone can describe our physical looks, but .

June Update Letter from Dr. I left Dallas at the end of May and have spent the entire month of June on the road, literally traveling around the world preaching at a fast pace. I want to walk you through where I have been and what the Lord has accomplished through our ministry. Aug 9, May Update Letter from Dr. I will be leaving here next week and traveling to Australia to preach at another Bible conference, and then after fly to the Philippines, where I will be leading another Institute for Expository Preaching.

Jun 15, April Update Letter from Dr.

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Along with the birth of a son comes many Jewish customs. A son is born — a son who will, with God’s help, be a source of pride and joy to his family and the entire Jewish people. Along with the birth of a son comes several customs, the greatest simcha being, of course, the Bris Milah.

Today we continue our newest segment to the TrueDisciples Podcast titled “The Reformation Archive” where we reach into the archives and dig up past sermons from Dr. Kevin Baird (senior pastor of Legacy Church in Charleston, SC) to uncover reformation gems.

Claywell Web Designer Churches embracing social media have found it to be a viable method of expanding their church community and outreach into the virtual and physical worlds. Churches that are successful with social media use it for communicating with current members and reaching out to new ones. In fact, adopting the technology as part of the church’s toolbox seems to cut across denominations.

Even so, larger churches are adopting it more quickly than smaller ones. Communicating With Members Churches use social media as a tool for communicating with existing members. Churches are no longer restricted to a street address or a couple of service times each week.

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Joseph of Arimathea Today March 17th, as well as being the famous Feast of St Patrick, is also one of the feast days of Joseph of Arimathea and it is a date on which I always pause to contemplate him. There are a number of legends entrenched in Glastonbury, stories concerning Joseph of Arimathea and King Arthur, that no amount of academic debunking can dislodge. This can annoy the hell out of historians, especially when hearing such stories uncritically retold as if they were of the same level of data as the Battle of Hastings or the Fire of London.

The infuriating or inspiring thing about Glastonbury is how the real history, and it is indeed a remarkable one, and the mythology, are so difficult to separate. They feed into each other. I try and appreciate what it might be about Glastonbury that could not only support the creation of such mythology but powerfully sustain it through the catastrophic destruction of the Abbey during the Dissolution of the Monasteries and on into a modern regeneration.

, November 4, November 4, , Feedback, Sermons and Messages, 0 I[/dropcap] continue to receive lots of letters from readers. Here is a small collection of recent ones which offer comments on tithing, on Francis Chan’s new book about house churches, and on whether premarital pregnancy nullifies the “unequally yoked.

Fully Persuaded Pregnant lady I went to church with years ago, dr. A photo posted by Faith and Victory Church fvchurchauburn on Dec 7, at 7: First of all, Are you believing God? They knew He existed. Indeed, was it not all who came out of Egypt, led by Moses? Was it not with those who sinned, whose corpses fell in the wilderness? Don’t forget what God has done for you! Is there anything too hard for Me? Years ago I lost my wedding ring, by all reasonable appearances it is at the bottom of the trash fill BUT, I still believe He will return it to me one day!

When will you believe He is the God of the impossible and when will your prayers reflect your believing?

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