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Are you only marrying this person because he happens to be Druze? Harfouch is 23 years old with green-blue eyes, lightly freckled skin, and long, dark hair. On her left hand she wears a big diamond engagement ring. On her right wrist she wears a multi-colored beaded bracelet: Druze is a tiny Arab religion that originated in the Middle East 1, years ago. There are just over 1 million adherents in the world, with large concentrations in Lebanon, Syria, and Israel and roughly 30, in the United States. The Philadelphia convention, attended by about Druze, took place over four days in April. Children did arts and crafts, older women drank Lebanese-style tea, and birthdays were celebrated. There were religious sessions for teens and adults. There was a young professionals mixer.

Druze in Israel

She has not been to Beirut since Amal and I have been dating, and she is in no way against the marriage, but none of that is the issue… The irresponsibility, in this day and age, to exploit religious differences where none exist, is at the very least negligent and more appropriately dangerous. Clooney must have plenty of PR handlers and it would be easy enough for Mail Online to make a check, but it does not appear to have done so.

There can be harsh penalties for those Druze who marry outsiders. Several women have been murdered for disobeying the rules. Last year a Sunni Muslim man had his penis severed by the male relatives of a Druze woman who defied her family by marrying him. NOW Lebanon has some context on sectarian marriage:

The Druze emphasis on owning land and being prepared to defend it against all who threaten it is a central theme of what Gabriel Ben-Dor claims is a centuries-old Druze concept—that land ownership is the surest guarantee of Druze survival.

He called for unity among the Druze community against the regime atrocities what exposed him to several assassination attempts. Abu Traba fled the war-torn country for three years where he lived in Jordan, Egypt and Turkey before returning back home in Abu Traba was a close aide to Sheikh Wahid al-Balous, the prominent political and spiritual leader of Druze community, who was killed on September 4, in suspected regime blast.

Al-Balous opposed regime war against the Syrian people and called on his fellow Druze men to escape military conscription. Few weeks later, Abu Traba was charged with plotting terrorist attacks and rebellion, delivering his the forcibly-retracted concession via the state TV. Death certificates have been sweeping the registry offices. Most of the detainees were tortured to death by the Assad regime. The Assad regime has been issuing death certificates for detainees tortured to death for prisoners tortured to death, sources said.

The advocate group has submitted the list to the United Nations, saying the regime security centers are a place for a genocide and ethnic cleansing.

Druze Numbers Decline, Still They Can’t Marry Outside Their Religion

Despite large geographic distances between the communities and the passage of thousands of years, far removed Jewish communities share a similar genetic profile. This research confirms the common ancestry and common geographical origin of world Jewry. Jewish men from communities which developed in the Near East —- Iran, Iraq, Kurdistan, Yemen — and European Jews have very similar, almost identical genetic profiles.

The results support the hypothesis that the paternal gene pools of Jewish communities from Europe, North Africa and the Middle East descended from a common Middle Eastern ancestral population, and suggest that most Jewish communities have remained relatively isolated from neighboring non-Jewish communities during and after the Diaspora.

Mar 6, Syria. Druse bride of Mt. Lebanon. Similarity to ancient Scythian headdress. The Druze call themselves Ahl al-Tawhid “the People of Monotheism” or “the People of Unity” or al .

The findings provide a formal demonstration that in an endogamous and consanguineous population, calculated mtDNA genetic diversity is significantly lower using random sampling than using paternal or maternal household directed sampling. Therefore, in order to obtain a comprehensive phylogenetic picture of lineage diversity in a sample set from the Druze population or populations with similar socio-demographic patterns, it is necessary to either collect a very large random sample, or to use a directed sampling strategy to ensure coverage of all of the regionally endogamous cryptic subpopulations.

Random sampling taken from a regional and small sample within an endogamous subpopulation, will be relevant only for that specific subpopulation as might have been the case in the Macaulay et. This is also reflected in the diversity parameters, which we have obtained using the directed sampling approach, and which do not support a recent population bottleneck or founder effect for the Druze population as a whole.

It should be noted though, that directed sampling might miss localized founder effects and bottlenecks, since it does not provide the real haplotype frequencies, but rather is designed to uncover as many diverse lineages as possible for a given sample size. The decision of which sampling method is more appropriate depends on the scientific question being addressed.

Druze dynasty: A family history worth telling

It marked the first time in recent memory that the Druze – followers of a secretive offshoot of Shiite Islam who are considered fiercely loyal to the state – staged a large public protest. Hundreds of brightly colored Druze flags, rarely seen outside the community, fluttered in the square along Israel’s national banners. Nearby City Hall was also lit up in Druze colors. The rally marked the biggest backlash yet against the recently passed law that enshrines Israel’s Jewish character and downgrades the standing of Arabic from an official to a “special” language.

Thousands of members of Israel’s Druze minority and their Jewish supporters packed a central Tel Aviv square Saturday night to rally against a contentious new law that critics say sidelines Israel’s non-Jewish citizens. Critics say the law undermines the country’s democratic values.

Yes, he can marry a druze woman if she is Muslim and believing in Quran and believing in the Islam five pillars especially the Shahada (or testimony).

About two percent of the Druze population are also scattered within other countries in the Middle East. They use the Arabic language and follow a social pattern very similar to those of the other peoples of the Levant eastern Mediterranean. Before becoming public, the movement was secretive and held closed meetings in what was known as Sessions of Wisdom. During this stage a dispute occurred between ad-Darazi and Hamza bin Ali mainly concerning ad-Darazi’s ghuluww “exaggeration” , which refers to the belief that God was incarnated in human beings especially ‘ Ali and his descendants, including Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah , who was the caliph at the time and to ad-Darazi naming himself “The Sword of the Faith”, which led Hamza to write an epistle refuting the need for the sword to spread the faith and several epistles refuting the beliefs of the ghulat.

In ad-Darazi and his followers openly proclaimed their beliefs and called people to join them, causing riots in Cairo against the Unitarian movement including Hamza bin Ali and his followers. This led to the suspension of the movement for one year and the expulsion of ad-Darazi and his supporters. In ad-Darazi was assassinated for his teachings; some sources claim that he was executed by Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah.

Dating Druze: The struggle to find love in a dwindling diaspora

I covered the story yesterday , as did many other blogs and outlets this week. And now George Clooney claims that the entire article is fabricated and that his would-be mother-in-law is not Druze: I seldom respond to tabloids, unless it involves someone else and their safety or well being. It says they joke about traditions in the Druze religion that end up with the death of the bride. Let me repeat that:

Dec 02,  · We speculate that the gene exchange events with non-Druze were uneven across the population, which helped retain some of the Near Eastern admixture signature that distinguishes Druze from other Levantine populations (Figs 3[A2–E2] and and5).5).

Recent genetic study on the Druze populace. Published online Nov Despite increasing interest in genetics of the population structure of the Druze, their population history remains unknown. We investigated the genetic relationships between Israeli Druze and both modern and ancient populations. We evaluated our findings in light of three hypotheses purporting to explain Druze history that posit Arabian, Persian or mixed Near Eastern-Levantine roots.

The biogeographical analysis localised proto-Druze to the mountainous regions of southeastern Turkey, northern Iraq and southeast Syria and their descendants clustered along a trajectory between these two regions. The mixed Near Eastern—Middle Eastern localisation of the Druze, shown using both modern and ancient DNA data, is distinct from that of neighbouring Syrians, Palestinians and most of the Lebanese, who exhibit a high affinity to the Levant.

Druze VS Onyx 300 Looting Sabotaging

Show comments A recently published book on Iraq under Saddam Hussein suggests that contrary to common perception, the country was not always doomed to fall into a sectarian war because of the artificial nature of the state. The author, Lisa Blaydes, goes into some length to dispel the myths of the Sunni versus Shia narrative. One could use the same analogy when looking at the war in Syria and the recent terrorist attacks that have brought devastation to the lives of hundreds in Sweida Province.

The Lebanese Druze leader, Walid Jumblatt, has immediately pounced and politicised the tragedy playing the Druze card and saying the Syrian government failed in its effort to protect the Druze. A rush to judgement As ever, especially in the case of Syria, the rush to judgement – by either Jumblatt or other observers – requires us to look carefully at Jumblatt’s argument.

Sweida was a heinous terrorist attack like any other that has taken place in Syria throughout this war.

Abu Traba was confirmed dead by the Suweida’s civil registry office this week, dating his death certificate to Feb 25, , which was issued by the Second Military Court in Damascus, the notorious tribunal that sentenced thousands of Bashar al-Assad’s opponents to death and life imprisonment.

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Can A Druze Marry A Non Druze?