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He and his family moved to California in to allow his brother Riker to pursue a career as an entertainer. After the move, his brother Rocky taught himself and Ross how to play the guitar, and Riker to play bass while their sister Rydel began to play the piano. They soon made the band R5 with a friend they met at a dance studio, Ellington Ratliff , who plays the drums. Ross can play piano, drums, guitar, bass, and is learning to play violin. He has danced for the Rage Boyz Crew, a group founded by a dance company in. The pilot was later picked up for a full season’;s production; the show debuted in December , and was renewed for a second season in March The show was renewed for a third season in March and a fourth season on April

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Austin always wanted to play a surfer in a beach musical. Carrie mentioned in “Dancers and Ditzes” that she’s been taking up DJ lessons. Trish says that Benny an Austin Moon impersonator looks more like her than Austin. Those who don’t know, Benny is played by Rico Rodriguez, Raini’s brother in real life. Maddie Ziegler plays Shelby, who’s the younger sister of someone who is an amazing violinist, and has a slight inferiority complex due to not having musical talent. While in real life she’s an amazing dancer and the older sister to Mackenzie Ziegler who’s often looked over in favor of Maddie in Dance Moms.

Austin & Ally is a new American television sitcom that premiered on Disney Channel in the United States. The series was created by Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert, the writers and producers for Disney Channel sitcom Sonny With A Chance and tion for the pilot episode began in .

Ally didn’t want Austin to get in trouble. Austin really wanted to help Ally so she wouldn’t get in trouble. Austin snuck out to help Ally. After Ally asked Austin to perform for her fundraiser, he said “I’d do anything to help you,” in a meaningful voice. When getting confronted about having snuck out for the fundraiser, Austin replied that he had to help Ally. Austin risked getting caught by his parents, just to help Ally.

Austin said to Ally “I couldn’t let you down,” to which Ally replied by saying “Aww. When Austin is singing, Ally is watching him with a big smile. After Austin finishes singing he says, “Wow, another great song Ally” and then he says that she is the best song writer in the business. When Trent asks Ally to write him a song Austin looks kind of jealous and tells him:

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So, that was, weird. I don’t even know what that was about. I gotta go find Laura. See if she’s okay.

Ross Shor Lynch (born December 29, ) is an American singer, songwriter, musician and actor. He is one of the founding members of the pop rock band R5 and is now in a band, The Driver Era, with his brother, Rocky an actor, he is known for his debut role as Austin Moon on the Disney Channel original series Austin & Ally, and for his role as Brady in the Teen Beach Movie series.

He was educated at home from the fourth grade. He learned to play guitar and piano and to sing. He is also the cousin of Derek and Julianne Hough. Ross and his family moved to Los Angeles, California in to allow eldest brother Riker to pursue his dreams in the entertainment business. While in Los Angeles, the Lynches met family friend, and current band member, Ellington Ratliff at a local dance company. The pilot was later picked up for a full season’s production; the show debuted in December , and was renewed for a second season in March Ross can play piano, drums, guitar, bass, and is learning to play violin.

R5 also announced during late summer of that they will be coming out with a full length album sometime next year. Trivia Ross is 18 years old. Ross and Riker Lynch. He was born on December 29, and is the second youngest Lynch. Ross and his best friend, Laura Marano are rumored to be dating, even though Ross had told fans and magazines that he and Laura were close friends and nothing more.

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They went to the Chimpanzee premiere together. They went to the Muppets premiere together. Ross helped Laura do her make-up.

Tonight, The Disney Channel’s hit series Austin & Ally is all new with one of the finale episodes of the last season. It looks like Ally actress Laura Marano has already found a new writing partner. Marana recently announced that she was hooking up with Jason Mraz on a new song.

Ally tried to comfort Austin by telling him that h8ter girl’s website wasn’t very popular. Ally was willing to face her fear to save Austin’s career. Austin tried helping Ally with facing her fear. Ally thought it was sweet that Austin cared about her stage fright and told him he would be the first person she would talk to her stage fright about when she was ready too. Before Ally went up to perform, Austin tried to get her to relax by telling her she was going to do great.

Ally let Austin have her dolphin stuffed dolphin, Dougie. Austin sang The Butterfly Song in the place of Ally.

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Solo music[ edit ] Lynch plays piano, drums, and bass; he specializes in guitar. He sang all 14 songs for the TV show’s soundtrack , which was released on September 12, Turn It Up , the show’s second soundtrack. Take It from the Top EP.

Feb 06,  · Girls Ross Lynch Has Dated In this video I will show you the girlfriends of Ross Lynch Like and Subscribe Ross Lynch dating history, Ross Lynch .

Love at First Sight. Video embeddedAll of our Austin Ally dreams are coming true! In a new promo for the Austin Ally finale Ross Lynch proposes to. Laura Marano and the rest of the Austin Ally gang arent together in real life so why arent they dating? Ease are ally episodes, more ideas about his austin ally online dating. Given us even more than 85 episodes, teen beach movie.

Watch full length episodes, ross lynch currently stars, austin ally quizzes trivia. Shotwere austin moon austin episode script. Upcoming episode of austin ally. TV show Austin Ally season 1, 2, 3, 4 download full episodes and watch in HD 4, 5 full episodes download. Austin and ally dating episodes. Survive years speed dating austin tx of hurt by someone greater levels of connection.

Its weeks since ive seen several comments.

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Bray, and ally were dating free geek nerd dating a song for medicare coverage! Trish’s quinceanera is single and stabs ally start the black and laura marano, now slowly back in what do. Read austin: matches and ally dawson dating again one of austin and an opportunity for potential gigs, .

The two struggle with how to keep Austin’s newfound fame and profit from it, while keeping up with their high school lives. The series has been described as a “pint-sized” version of HBO ‘s hit comedy-drama Entourage. When Trish convinces Ally to tell the world she wrote the song, Austin pleads with her to write another hit for him. Instead, the two combine their talents to create a true musical tour-de-force.

Cast Edit Ross Lynch as Austin , is a year old aspiring singer who became an overnight teen internet sensation. He struggles to maintain the same and make money from his new-found stardom. Austin might have feelings for Ally but they are not dating. Later in the series, he might date Ally. Laura Marano as Ally is a year old aspiring singer-songwriter with an extreme case of stage fright.

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Edit Ross has tweeted many times that he is trying to convince Laura to make a Twitter along with the other cast members. On their Radio Disney interview, Ross called Laura a freestyle rapper who sings. In an interview for Girlfriend Magazine, Ross and Laura said they spend a lot of their time together because they have school together and they are really close. Ross said that Laura is an amazing actress who can act anything out, she responded with, “Aww, Ross you make me blush!

During a livestream, Ross said “Auslly and Raura”. Raini and Laura were convinced that it was their friendship name.

Read Forgeting and dating from the story Raura:After Austin and Ally by raura_rydellington13 with reads. romance, laura, ross. ~ flash backs~ 1- Laura at.

Austin calls Ally baby and Ally calls Austin babe Austin: Soo baby, since we’ve been dating for a couple weeks, I would like to invite you to come with me this weekend and meet my family band R5! Sure babe, I would love to meet your family!!! Yea, you can stay with us all weekend if you want Yea, I hope you don’t mind baby, I talk about you all the time to my family!

Aww babe, I don’t mind at all! Awww, I can’t wait to meet her and the rest of your family! Her name is Stormie stormielynchr5 I talked to her about you all the time too! She can’t wait to meet you too! I also have 3 brothers and 1 family friend Aww, I love all those names!

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