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I assume you have a Hoover there. The hose only goes into the top of the tank. The opening of the hose is supposed to connect with the tank lid to deliver suction to the hose. I’m assuming that you think the hose is supposed to connect to the duct on I am looking for one in Canada. I have heard Hoover has been bought out and parts are very difficult to purchase. I bought this 1 month ago and I’m sorry I didn’t know this prior to purchasing. Hoover Steamvac F Vacuum My Hoover steam vac dual v clean water and detergent tank leaks water before attached to the vac and during cleaning This is a common problem with the earlier models which had a separate soap tank glued to the clean water tank. The plastic was too thin beneath the valve on the clean water side and would develop cracks. You most likely will need a new one piece tank

Hooking up the upholstery attachment.

It has done a good job of cleaning our carpets, which are kept dirty by three dogs. We reviewed the MaxExtract last year, and recently had a chance to compare those two against the PowerScrub. Here’s how they compare. We cleaned separate sections of big spots with each machine.

The new Hoover WindTunnel MAX Pet Plus Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Upright is amped up with pet hair grabbing tools and 3 suction channels to provide maximum cleaning power for bare floors and carpet.

How to hook up tool to clean upholstery Keep your upholstered furniture looking fresh by vacuuming it regularly with the upholstery tool attached to your vacuum’s hose. Prevent the fabric from fading or at least delay this by keeping your furniture out of direct sunlight — close blinds, shades or curtains when the sun shines most directly through windows closest to the upholstery.

And remove stains by blotting them with a dry cleaning solvent. Before steam cleaning your upholstered furniture, read the piece’s cleaning code label to determine whether or not it is safe to do so. Then rent or buy a steam cleaner also called an extractor and follow the directions below. Rent a steam cleaner or purchase one; buy steam cleaner solution. Step 3 Test the steam-cleaner solution on the upholstery in an inconspicuous place to ensure the color won’t be steamed out or drastically altered.

Step 4 Attempt to remove any stains with a stain removal or dry cleaning solution. Follow the directions that come with the product you choose for the best results, and allow the stain remover to dry before you begin steam cleaning. Step 5 Remove cushions and, if necessary, arm covers. Step 6 Gently apply the steaming water and cleaning solution in straight lines across the upholstery one section at a time. The dirt will come out with the water.

Step 8 Clean one side each cushion then allow it to dry before cleaning the other side. If the cushions are permanently attached to the furniture, clean them last.

Hoover F7411900 – SteamVac Dual-V Wide Path Deep Carpet Cleaner Owner’s Manual

It is a McClintlock something like that. I like it because it has a large well for holding the water. It’s not too heavy. It’s my favorite cleaning tool.

Hoover Steam Vac Premium Pet Carpet Care Kit This item is brand new and is a genuine Hoover product. It is a cleaning kit that is safe for all of the carpet cleaning machines in the Hoover line.

I purchased this Hoover Elite Deluxe vacuum cleaner about six weeks ago. I really thought it was going to be a nice vacuum cleaner, but there are problems. I am considering returning it to the store. I guess I should have known since it was pretty inexpensive, but we have gotten other inexpensive vacuum cleaners that did not give us trouble. Here are the good things: I love the retractable cord! If you hold the plug while retracting, you won’t get hit with it.

The attachments fit easily onto the vacuum. The suction is pretty good, for now. There is a little hook to hold the electric cord up while you are vacuuming, so it does not get sucked into the bottom of the vacuum cleaner, and believe me, it would. The bag is pretty easy to empty. I don’t have to buy bags any longer. Here are the nit-picky things: The shut off pedal is in an odd, hard to find place.

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The cleaner comes with a stair and upholstery tool that you can attach to the hose on the back of the machine. This tool also dispenses soapy water and vacuums it up, and has a thin nozzle so you can work in the corners of furniture pieces. The attachment is easy to put on and use. Unwind the tool hose on the back of the carpet cleaner.

First, you’ll need to fill the tank with water (warm or cold). There are three fill lines on the side of the tank. Fill to the desired line and add one shampooer tank lid full of Kirby shampoo for.

How do you attach and use the Kirby carpet shampooer? First, you’ll need to fill the tank with water warm or cold. There are three fill lines on the side of the tank. Fill to the desired line and add one shampooer tank lid full of Kirby shampoo for each line of water. A full tank will require three lids full of shampoo. Remove the outer cloth bag by …rotating the bottom boot AWAY from the side of the main unit.

Put the tank where the bag was, line up the notch or may be a small arrow on the tank with the notch on the Kirby near the hole. Set the tank down onto the Kirby and rotate it toward the Kirby to lock it on.

Hoover Dual Power Pro User Manual

Here are step by step instructions for you: To prevent possible leaking, remove clean solution tank by pressing down on tank handle D and pulling forward; set tank aside do not set tank on furniture. Remove hose from storage rack.

Hoover Steam Vacuum: Commercial upright extractor/spotter with five rotating brushes deep cleans carpet fibers and upholstery using hot tap water and cleaning solution. Ideal for quick pick-ups no faucet hook-up!

Vous avez des questions ou des inquitudes? Pour obtenir de laide, veuillez appeler le service la clientle au 1 du lundi au vendredi, de 8 h 19 h HNE , avant de retourner ce produit au magasin. Dual Power Carpet Washer.. Please enter the complete model and Manufacturing Code in the spaces provided. Attach your sales receipt to this owner s manual.

Be sure to register your product online at Hoover. Visit our website at hoover. Inscrire le numro de modle et le code fabrication dans les espaces prvus cet effet.

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Start your question with What, Why, How, When, etc. Take out the duct in front of the tank 3 , the hose end will have a duct on it that you insert in its place. This provides the suction for the hose. Don’t forget to put that duct you took out back in place, or you won’t have suction when you use First remove the dirty water solution tank from the machine completely. You should see where the solution tank was just sitting, a plastic casing with a wh

Deep clean carpet fibers with hot tap water and cleaning solution–no complicated faucet hook-up necessary. Comes equipped with five rotating brushes.

Unfortunately it seems they no longer sell this but I have that catalog and that is the description I’m using my old Craftsman to do my carpets because my Bissell all of a sudden won’t spray solution anymore it would and then it won’t, LOL I think it has an air leak in the lines somewhere as I’ve checked all the “o” rings and other seals I’ve just been using a garden sprinkler can for my solution and then water. The Zep has enzymes so I spray a little spot cleaner on the spots Folex or the home-brew then mist the worst or the area with a pump-sray bottle For general large area cleaning you can use the home-brew and sprinkler can and vac up immediately.

I bet you can get good results with a 3-gallon garden pump sprayer if you don’t want to get the carpet so soaked but my big wet vac pulls it up pretty good I use the car attachment similar to the crevice tool for spot cleaning or smaller areas like next to walls or door jambs but the crevice tool might work as well other than being a bit more awkward. The only problem with soaking with a sprinkler can is you can “wick up” some dirt from the backing but if you’re soaking well you’ll pull it all out, otherwise you’ll have to hit it again.

A 3 gallon pump sprayer might let you just wet the nap without soaking all the way to the backing so you can just clean the top which will also allow for faster drying I’m using a 2. I bet one of the newer 5 HP models would work really well but I’m getting great results.

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The C4 has an accessory hook up that allows the user to connect accessories such as the upholstery and stair cleaning tools to the machine. This feature makes the carpet extractor more versatile, so you can use to clean your upholstery, vehicle, and boat.

This is a partial text extraction from the pdf, to download the pdf, click the Manual tab. If you want to search this text, hold control and F, and type the word you are looking for. Instruct Whenusinganelectricalappliance , alwaysfollowbasicprecautions , includingthefollowing: T oreducetheriskoffire , electric shock , orinjury: This appliance is Donotallowdeepcleanertobeusedasatoyortorununattendedatanytime. Check with a qual – intendeduseasdescribedintheinstructions. Do not modify the edbyTheHooverCompany ; othersmaycausehazards.

Ifanextensioncordisabsolutelynecessary volt circuit and has a grounding plug , useatleasta that looks like the plug illustrated in 16gauge3 – wirecordwhichhasa3 – sketch A. T urnoffallcontrolsbefore burningorsmoking , suchasciga – unplugging. Keepchildrenandpets adapter must be connected to a per ma – awayfromcarpetsuntiltheyarecom – nent ground G such as a properly Donotrunapplianceovercord.

Donotexpose place by a metal screw.

How to Assemble & Use Your Hoover SteamVac SpinScrub Carpet Washer